Weight Vests: Helping You Increase Your Strength.How a Sports Weight Vest Can Help You Lose Weight

Everybody wants to achieve the optimal health and they really work very hard for it. There is a tool introduced these days to improve the efficiency of your weight loss program. The weighted vest is becoming famous and popular among people who really want to experience a change in the body structure by losing weight, gaining more muscles and improving the cardio vascular health conditions.

Example of a Balanced Weekly Workout Schedule

The weight vest is a simple vest which can be  best weight vest for calisthenics   adjusted and worn in to the torso of a person. You can increase the weight of the vest by adding more few pounds of weights in a special way. It is of huge benefits to athletes and sports men and people taking special training such as military training because it gives more support and help to increase the benefits of their work outs. At the same time it is not only used athletes who need advance work outs but it is also used by the average person for getting more results from their exercise workouts.

These vests help increase the strength of the cardio vascular system. This means the vest helps you to gain a stronger heart. There are numerous benefits that a stronger heart. Actually the additional weight added to the body of the person makes it heavier and harder for him to do the same activity. Thus the vest helps in making the heart stronger and healthier.

The weighted vest also helps in strengthening your chest, shoulders and abs. It also gives support and strength to your back muscles. Bad posture leads to strain and pain in the shoulders but with the regular use of a weighted vest increases the strength of the muscles in the upper back and shoulders. This increases strength of core muscles and helps in improving the posture.

If you use the weighted vest while doing your normal exercises, walking, jogging or any kind of work outs it helps you burn more calories than if you do the same kind of exercises without the vest. Thus if you wear the weighted vest it sure helps you to burn more fats and calories and lose weight efficiently. This is because of the fact that the more you weigh the more you burn the calories. And since your body is weighing more it is working harder and so losing considerably more weight. It increases the bone density by supplying more estrogen and other supplements necessary for the strong bones in high levels. Start by using a weighted vest to your normal routine schedule of exercises and gain a more healthy body!

First let me dispel some myth’s. Many of today’s weight vests are not the same ones worn by firefighters or football players for training. There are a lot of great weight vests on the market that are stylish, adjustable and very comfortable. One in particular comes highly recommended by Men’s Health magazine as simply the “best weight vest we could find.” We’ll get to that one in just a bit but you want to know how these cool devices can help you lose weight.

Weight vests are used by a lot of athletes to increase their performance in a particular sport. What many people may not realize is that you don’t necessarily need to be a hard core athlete to take advantage of using a weight vest.

The concept is fairly simple. Add additional weight to your body core to increase caloric burn during both normal every day activities or low impact exercises such as walking. Some of these weight vests are comfortable enough to be worn under a t-shirt while doing activities like mowing the lawn, gardening or walking.

Scientific studies further support the use of a weight vest for increasing the effectiveness of low impact exercise and getting more calories burned walking. A 2006 University of Iowa study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that wearing a weighted vest can increase calories burned walking by 7 percent and increase exercise intensity.

The Hyperwear weight vest is one of the most highly recommended ones available. It is stylish, comfortable and can be easily worn under your cloths. Weights can be added gradually so you can increase your resistance as quickly or slowly as you wish.


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