Uncharted 2 Beta Impressions

So I’ve been spending sometime with the Uncharted 2 beta and I must say Naughty Dog lent this game well to the multiplayer scene. Now I am one of those old school 17 wsm ammo types who really disagrees with the argument that every single game that comes out should have some form of multiplayer, because usually one portion of the game suffers greatly for it. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (2007) was one of the best games I have ever played, it was a great refinement and rejuvenation of the questing, adventure, platforming genre, and offered the type of depth and remembrance that hadn’t been seen since the Tomb Raider games on the PS one.

2009 marks the sequel Uncharted 2, in which the multiplayer beta runs from June 2nd to June 28th offering two modes Competitive and Co-Op, I must say both modes were very much fun, its small maps very Gears of Wars style where you spend a lot of time running from cover spot to cover spot but since Uncharted is a platform you have the ability of jumping and climbing up on second story areas, and also the maps worlds while small are a lot more open and free to room. The shooting is tighter than it was in the original game, but it does still have its bugs, when going to pick up ammo it sometimes takes a second before it registers in and melee is a bit overpowered. Any time you are near anyone never even both shooting off your gun just melee all day and the first to land a punch wins. The game is very pick up and play so most people will have no trouble getting into it but since the maps are small you will spend a lot of time getting shot in the back which can get frustrating at times.

Everything else is pretty simplistic, there is the scoreboard that shows while you are dead and awaiting the 10 second respawn time, the game only shows you, your kills during the game (TDM matches in the beta go to first team to hit 50) When the game is over it shows you kills, deaths, and assists and totals up all the points you gained that match and add them to your “overall” score which then increases your rank as you go along. “I hear there are 50 ranks in the beta”


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