Scary Confinement Questions Answered by a Confinement Nanny

As a confinement lady, there are a lot of scary questions that will naturally cross your mind. You wonder about the safety and health of your baby and your own body and if this is your first time having a child you don’t know what to expect. The anxiety of wondering what will happen and if you will both come out of this safe and happy can be enough to drive you crazy if you don’t have the chance to vent some of your questions and find real information.

Following are some of the scariest questions often wondered about by a confinement lady. They are all answered with the expertise of a confinement nanny well versed in the care of ladies in confinement and newborn babies.

Question 1: What happens if something is wrong with my baby during the confinement period?

This is a serious question that every confinement lady worries about, even if it is not her first child. If you are not a qualified medical professional who can help your baby in a crisis, it is only natural that you would worry about a crisis situation. What would happen? Will someone be close enough to help your baby or save their life if something goes wrong?

The only good answer to this is to say that every confinement lady needs a good confinement nanny. The nanny will be able to respond professionally to any crisis and help your baby pull through the trauma with good health. You may panic as a new mother and be unable to respond appropriately, but a confinement nanny will be trained to respond with a cool head and calm demeanor which is required in a crisis situation.

Question 2: How will I know if something is wrong with my baby after birth?

Again, this is a scary thing to think about but it is something every confinement lady ponders at some point in time. You will soon be staring at your baby and analyzing their breathing, eyes, hands, feet, and every movement that they make. You will be wondering if something is wrong with them, if they need medical attention, and if you are caring for them properly.

Hiring a confinement nanny is the only way to ease these fears and relax so you can take better care of your baby. They will answer all your questions and help you see that you have a healthy, happy baby who is perfectly normal.

If something does seem wrong with the baby, a confinement nanny is more likely to recognize that and take action than an untrained confinement lady.

Question 3: Who will take care of my baby if I have 幸福椅價錢 health problems after giving birth?

This is perhaps even scarier than worrying about the health of the baby while in confinement. You wonder who is going to care for your baby and love them as you would if you are taken by medical issues and cannot be with them.

You have to hire a confinement nanny to avoid these worries. If you have a nanny there with you they will care for the baby while you recover and take care of your own health.

There is simply less to worry about when a confinement lady employs a confinement nanny. The nanny takes on a good majority of the worry so the lady can simply relax.



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