Questions About Hunter PGV Series Valves?

What are Hunter PGV series valves? Like all valves, these devices help to regulate the flow of materials, such as gases, slurries, liquids or even solids. When the valve is opened the materials flow faster. When the valve is closed the flow is stopped, or perhaps slowed if the valve is left partially closed. Modern valves today can be operated manually, by self-controlled automation, or automatically programmed. Depending on the pressure, temperature or manner of flow, some of the best valves can actually self-regulate themselves to respond to critical situations. What are the advantages of the Hunter PGV series of valves?

The Hunter PGV series of valves offers a complete line of professional-level valves that that offer lifelong durability and dependable performance. These valves have a Heavy-duty Hunter-brand solenoid, as well as top-grade construction capable of withstanding 150 psi. These Hunter PGV series valves also come with an internal and external manual bleed, which ensures that the box is kept dry. They are also built with rigid diaphragm support that protects the units even in the toughest conditions imaginable. Hunter PGV series valves offer flow control to users with a non-rising handle as well as globe and angle configurations that are easy to install and use. There is also a captive bonnet bolts and solenoid plunger to ensure that no vital parts are lost during service. Finally, when you buy this series of valve, you get the Accu-Set pressure regulator compatibility, which lets you precisely control the system via dial.

If you have a small landscaping project then the Hunter Company recommends PGV valves in four one inch body configurations. For large-scale projects, the company suggests PGV valves in both one and one half inch and two-inch configurations. Each model is available as a flow control or non-flow control unit.

If you are looking up information on Hunter PGV series valves then know that you are dealing with one of the most trusted companies in all of landscaping. Since 1981, Hunter has been leading the landscaping industry in sales and innovation. All of their products are backed by a solid warranty and have been well reviewed by customers and professional reviewers alike.



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