New Zealand’s Online Gambling Market

New Zealand has one of the largest populations of gamblers worldwide. Although it is a tiny country with just 4.4 million people The New Zealand population spends billions of dollars gambling each year. The game of casino on land is extremely popular, however, online gambling has grown in popularity throughout the decades.


The current New Zealand gambling laws do not permit online gambling. In contrast to other countries, the laws do not penalize gamblers for participating in online gambling. Instead the online casino and poker operators who offer service to New Zealand residents are prosecuted for engaging in such activities. Advertising of casinos online and gambling websites is also banned within slot gacor New Zealand. It is fortunate that since the law has been passed, there have been no operators have been punished.


There are just two companies that are permitted to provide its services for New Zealand residents: TabCorp and the New Zealand Lottery Commission. TabCorp is among the largest gambling companies based on land in the country . It has held a monopoly over the online gaming market for a long time. TabCorp’s gambling site online has made billions in the last five years, and has shown no sign that it is slowing. The online gambling services earned more than $700 million in revenues. After a hugely profitable venture into the world of online gambling TabCorp is now turning its sights set at the market for mobile gaming.


The New Zealand Lottery Commission has recently launched its own web-based gambling platform, which allows customers to buy lottery tickets on the internet. Customers sign up on the site like they would in any other online casino and they can then fund their accounts by using banks or credit cards. There is a $150/week limit or 300/month spending limit on NZLC’s website. Players are able to opt for lower limits if prefer. There is also a keno option. New Zealand Lottery Commission also offers online bingo and Keno.


While there are strict regulations regarding which businesses may offer online casinos to players It appears that New Zealand’s government could be considering the possibility of regulating offshore gambling sites. After seeing the massive increase in offshore gambling sites and the success that other countries have achieved in regulating the market New Zealand’s government appears ready to adopt the same approach. In the spring of this year it was the time that the Inquiry into Online and Interactive Gambling was announced. This review could result in reforms to online gaming which could see being legalized and regulated gambling offshore within New Zealand and Australia.





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