Family Survival Essentials to Help Get Off the Grid

How reliant are you on the prepper food products and services of others? We rely so heavily on the system that if the system went away many would be lost and desperate. We all use electricity and buy our food from the supermarket but if there was a major power outage and the supermarkets closed would you be prepared with a cache of survival items? Have you been watching the economy and our government lately? Look at what is going on in other countries; we are not that far away from similar events.

Supply lines for food distribution in this country are about three days, meaning a dependence on “just in time” distribution systems, which will leave store shelves empty in the event of even the smallest crisis. If you don’t have the ability to grow your own food long term, your life could be in danger. Start by planting a garden to grow your own food it can be fun and rewarding as well. Learn about home canning to increase your survival food storage bank. For a small investment you will end up saving over time as the jars are reusable and this will get you started in getting off of the food grid. Find seeds that are authentic strains which are NOT genetically modified in any way. When the going gets really tough you will only want this special type of seed which will produce not only outstanding nutritional plants but will allow you to plant the seeds from the plants you grow unlike sterile hybrids that will not reproduce. Start your survival seed bank now!

Electricity is a little harder problem to overcome the avenue that I have chosen to overcome this problem is solar panels. They are expensive so I add one at a time to the roof when I can afford a new one and hope to eventually get enough to stop my meter or run it backwards. If you Google solar panels you will find a wealth of information about how they work. I chose this method over generators as I will eventually run out of fuel, they are noisy and you have to run them outside alerting your neighbors or other prying ears you do not want. Wind energy is not an option for me in my suburban setting however you may want to look into that as well. The first unit I recommend is a portable unit that does not hook into your home. It has its own battery pack in a self contained unit with one or two panels outside that you can position. This way I can power the basement refrigerator getting it of the grid and keep the unit charged while it pays for itself.

By using these tips you gain some independence from these systems, and start saving money on electric and grocery bills. In this economy it will only benefit you and if there is a disaster or heaven forbid the economy collapses you will be better prepared with these family survival essentials. You can find more information about these survival products by going to my web page (link in author resource box).


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