Different Types Of Duct Cleaning Equipment

Duct cleaning equipment has evolved quite a bit from earlier times, the new models of cleaners come in electric and gas powered models. The equipment used is primarily operated by professionals that clean for a living as the technology requires proper training. The models they use include portable models such as electric three piece units and gas powered units.Air Duct Cleaning, Repairs, and Installation - Sky clean Air

Safety is the number one goal when performing a project that deals with bacteria or types of debris and chemicals i’m feeling curious. Kevlar or rubber gloves, respirators or chemical resistant eye protection and full length body suits with matching foot covers are just some of the protective items available. This protective clothing is designed to protect workers from any foreign substances that may be harmful.

In residential homes and small commercial projects a unit with low power is all that is required. To fill this need, manufacturers developed lightweight low powered electrical units that can be separated into three pieces. This new design allows for maneuverability and ease of access for hard to reach areas, also using electrical power cuts down on dangerous fumes.

Manufacturers have also designed larger versions of the electrical units that allow workers to complete medium to large commercial jobs. These units are designed like the smaller models and provide a bit more horsepower that allows for covering more area faster. Like the small units, the large units are also broken up into three parts which allows for better mobility.

Truck and trailer mounted models are ideal for heavy duty industrial jobs that do not require the machine to be moved into the structure. These units are also electrically driven and when electricity is an issue, there are models that come built in with a compressor unit. This type of machine is very mobile and can be mounted to any truck or trailer assembly.

If the project requires better accessibility than the truck version allows then a gas powered model is available. This model provides sufficient power like the truck mounted model, however it gives the operator a bit more freedom to move around. The unit can be moved via its two wheels and built in handles allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere.

Brushes are necessary for any project of this type and can be purchased where the machines are sold. These brushes are specifically designed to clean areas that otherwise would not be accessible and allow the operator to remove the debris remotely. As the technology for companies that use these parts develops further, the operators are able to do their work more efficiently.

Companies that use duct cleaning equipment can be found online and are trained in this field to provide quality service. A process of this type should be done on an annual basis so the affected areas stay clean and the problem does not resurface. When it comes to projects such as these calling a professional contractor will save time and money in the end. It will also save any headaches that may occur if the project is not done correctly the first time.

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