The care and cleaning process of Sunbrella brand fabrics is very important to know and master since your new marine or outdoor cover is an investment you want to protect.

Great news for all, Sunbrella was designed to be easily maintained. So care and cleaning with a little help from this article will be a breeze!

What you should know about solution-dyed acrylics

These fabrics do not promote mildew growth, however, mildew does grow on dirt and other foreign substances, which is why I insist you keep them clean.

A deep cleaning will remove the protective fluorocarbon finish, the restoration of which will be addressed in this article.

Three simple maintenance steps you should master

1. Regular cleaning

  • Prepare your canvas by brushing off any loose dirt;
  • Hose the cover down to remove any left-over grime from the brushing;
  • Prepare a mild cleaning solution of cold to lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid to the proportions of 45 parts water to one part soap;
  • Use a soft brush to clean the fabric allowing the solution to soak into the material;
  • Rinse thoroughly;
  • Air dry, since these fabrics do not react well to heat.  Tech New Master


2. Stubborn dirt and stain cleaning

If the previous cleaning method does not get the tough stains out, then you will need to resort to a more aggressive approach as follows:

  • Prepare a solution of one gallon water, one cup chlorine bleach and one quarter cup mild soap (liquid dishwashing detergent);
  • Clean with a soft brush;
  • Allow the solution to soak the fabric for 15 minutes;
  • Rinse thoroughly until all the solution residue is removed;
  • Air dry;
  • Repeat if necessary.


3. Restoring the protective finish

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is the product of choice when it comes to restoring the original finish of the Sunbrella line of outdoor fabrics, and it is endorsed by the manufacturer itself. This treatment provides up to three years of UV protection and restores it to its original water repellant state. A general rule of thumb for the quantity needed to protect your fabric is 15 ounces to cover 50 square feet.

Proceed as follows:

  • Clean the fabric with one of the previous methods;
  • Allow to air dry completely;
  • Apply a thin, even coat of 303 Fabric Guard in a well ventilated area and let dry completely;
  • Apply a second thin coat of the product and let dry once again.


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